Switching to WordPress

This site now uses WordPress! A few days ago, I migrated all of my blog posts and pages over from Hugo. It’s pretty weird to be going in what seems to be the opposite direction (more “bloat”), but I’m quite happy so far with it. With that said, the RSS feed link is now located… Continue reading Switching to WordPress

Migrate Email with mbsync

Just wanted to boost this blog post as it greatly helped me migrate emails from Luke Smith’s emailwiz script to Modoboa (more on that in a future post). Here are some things mbsync(In package managers, mbsync is often installed through isync.) complained about: UseIMAPS is deprecated, I simply left it out and it worked ok.… Continue reading Migrate Email with mbsync

Mic Push-to-talk With AutoHotkey and SoundVolumeView

This is an AutoHotkey script I set up to use with NirSoft’s SoundVolumeView. It uses the command-line from that to send mute/ unmute the microphone (through the system) whenever a key is held down. It’s not perfect and there is a small delay, so improvements are definitely welcome. Anyways, here it is: